Top 9 PPC Tools for Spying on Competition

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Looking for PPC tools to help you beat out your competition? It may be time to channel your inner spy. Done correctly, PPC marketing can provide immense benefits.

While a powerful strategy, it can be difficult getting an edge with PPC if you don’t know what other industry players are doing.

There are several benefits to doing competitor research, most importantly that it’ll save you a lot of time. By finding out what your competitors are doing you’re able to see what’s working, saving yourself from having to figure that out on your own.

Keep reading for 9 Competitor Research tools that will pull back the curtains on what your top competitors are doing. Let the spy games begin.

1. SEMrush

This is a great tool to gather competitor intel. SEMrush lets you see what competition is going with Youtube ads, Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Display Network.

You can check out ad copies and keywords that are popping.

SEMrush gives a free 7-day trial. After that, there are plans ranging from about $99 to $400 dollars a month.

2. Google Auction Insights

Some people think Google Auction Insights isn’t that great, but it is a very easy way to see who you are competing with.

With just a few clicks, you can see competing websites, impression shares, and more. This tool is a great place to start if you are new to the PPC game.

3. One of the Best PPC Tools: Spyfu

Spyfu should be in your arsenal of tools. With this, you can see competitor keyword groups and a lot more useful information that you can use to create a strong campaign.

There is a tool called Kombat that lets you see where keywords overlap between competitors. Spyfu costs around $49 a month, a small price to pay in the long run.

4. Similarweb

This tool made its mark for its ability to estimate web traffic, it is also a great way to spy on your competition.

The keyword tab will show you monthly search volumes and cost per click. It will also depict how much traffic was driven by each keyword.

5. Mixrank

This tool comes with a large database. Mixrank can show you info on landing pages and campaigns other businesses are running.

This information will help you gauge your own conversion rates against others.

6. Whatrunswhere

Looking for a lot of data? This tool has one of the most comprehensive portals of creatives and display network traffic.

You can see your competitors banner ads and glean which ones have been running the longest.

7. Ispionage

Ispionage rounds out the big top three (SEOrush and Spyfu) as popular options for PPC spying.

This tool is awesome because it lets you spy on both Yahoo and Bing Ads.

8. Adbeat

Adbeat is another solid option to spy on info outside of the Google Display Network. You can also see spending levels with this tool.

You can see the networks the ads are running on and how long they have been active. If an ad has been running for a long time, this is usually a good sign that it has been very successful.

9. Keyword Spy

One final tool to spy on competitor info is Keyword Spy. It is not well known, but it is very powerful.

With this, you can see what ads you are competing against in order to plan your strategy.

Beat Your Competition Every Time

As shown, there are TONS of options for getting the lowdown on your competition by using PPC tools.

Looking for more information to use with your digital marketing? Be sure to check out (and avoid) these most common mistakes in Google Ads.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure that your competitor research is done properly and use it to grow your own business, let the professionals take care of it. Book a free consultation with KonvertLab using the button below – you won’t regret it!


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