PPC Advertising in 2020: What to Expect

Pay Per Click advertising can boost awareness by 80% in business. But it requires a good understanding of the latest trends in 2020.

You want to make sure you are spending your budget efficiently and maximize your return on investment. Following these trends can help give your business a jump-start in 2020 by figuring out what keywords and strategies are going to help you the most. Not to mention they’ll help you get ahead of your competitors too.

Here’s what businesses should expect from PPC advertising in 2020. By incorporating these trends into your marketing strategy, you can produce a profitable PPC campaign.

Top PPC Advertising Trends in 2020

1. PPC Automation

Automation is more popular than ever. It’s popular in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and it allows you to automate some of the most time-consuming parts of PPC marketing.

New automation tools enable you to lower your cost-per-click, improve your quality score, and automate your bidding strategy.

The fact that automating various aspects of your marketing strategy saves a lot of time should be enough to get aspiring marketers on-board!

2. Better Targeted Audiences

How you message and target your audience will be more valuable than ever in PPC advertising in 2020. 

PPC campaigns are more targeted because of being able to target users on social media as well as targeting behaviors, interests, and demographics. For instance, you can use a Facebook Ads remarketing campaign on audiences who have a specific behavior. 

You can use Google’s in-market audiences to target people who are actively searching for a product too.

If you’re struggling to get more engagement from your audience and are confident with the PPC ads you’re running, consider a lookalike audience instead or perhaps shift to a completely different type of audience.

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3. Looking at Other Platforms

While Google and Facebook are still dominating PPC campaigning platforms, it’s important to look at other platforms that are making a breakthrough with PPC advertising.

You want to look at TikTok, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. For instance, with TikTok just emerging in popularity, you might want to explore how PPC strategies work with this platform.

Using more platforms will let your targeted audience find you more. They can discover your products and this is another way to reach buyers.

Of course, which platforms you decide to focus on will depend on several factors, including the target audience. Do your research and find out where your audience is most active.

4. Use Video

Video Ads continue to dominate marketing. More than 500 million hours of video are watched each day on YouTube alone. That statistic was back in 2018 and is only going to keep going up.

And while videos and video ads started with YouTube, they’re becoming more prevalent across social media channels. So, it’s clear that PPC strategies should be considering how important videos are in PPC marketing. 

You will see educational courses, social media, and businesses continuing to use videos in their marketing efforts. They will also use tutorial videos on how to use a product or how their services work – every business is able to use videos in their advertising efforts somehow.

Here’s a fact worth retaining: video viewers retain 95% of a video they watch as opposed to retaining 10% of something they read. This is a clear indication of how users respond more to videos than text-based ads.

How to Stay Ahead of PPC Advertising Trends

Staying ahead of PPC advertising trends requires researching trends and figuring out what works for your business.

You have to assess how to raise your ROI and how you can spend your budget as efficiently as possible. The trends in this article can help your business identify a highly effective strategy that appeals to potential customers and gets you more conversions. 

For more information on PPC advertising, contact KonvertLab and schedule a free consultation call. Our team of experienced experts already have their eyes on the PPC marketing trends of 2020 and know what tactics are working.

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