6 Tips to Boost ROAS on Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook Ads ROAS

Do you use Facebook as a source of advertisement for your business? Are you having trouble meeting your financial goals for Facebook paid ads?

If so, then it is important for you to understand how Facebook Ads ROAS (Return On Advertisement Spending) can affect your business. ROAS is designed to show what ads are bringing the most attention to your services and which ones need improvement.

There are a variety of ways that you can improve your ROAS ranging from improving your page design to adjusting your target demographic. With our extensive knowledge of digital marketing, we’ve put together this guide to help you give your brand the attention it needs to succeed.

So, here are 6 tips to boost ROAS on Facebook paid ads.

1. Boost your ‘Positive Feedback’ Score

Wondering how to calculate your ROAS? Simply divide the revenue that an ad brought in by the dollar amount you spend on that ad.

Facebook Feedback Score

The more positive attention your page gets, the higher ROAS you end up with. That’s where your positive feedback score comes in; the more content that you put out that appeals to your customers, the more attention your brand receives.

In turn, you’ll begin to get more positive attention and your positive feedback score will steadily increase.

2. Keep Profitable Ads, Scrap the Rest

Calculating ROAS can pertain to a single Facebook paid ad, a specific group of ads, or all of them. Looking at the ROAS for each of the ads you’re running is incredibly useful as it will show you which ones are profitable.

So, if you’re not happy with your current break-even ROAS and are in a financial struggle due to a strict budget, look at each ad’s ROAS and cut out the ads with low results.

Sticking with successful Facebook ads won’t just help you in the present, but it gives you a model to follow to improve your ROAS for future ads.

3. Use Facebook Paid Ads to Tell Stories

Another way you can boost ROAS is by looking at your Facebook ads and seeing if they have content that customers can relate to.

Use your ads to tell stories that are personal in the way you view your business and the way customers describe your services. By telling experiences that relate to customers, you give people a reason to use your services and you can improve your Facebook CPM (Cost per 1,000 Impressions).

4. Update your Landing Page Design

Your Facebook Ads ROAS depends on more than just what you say in your ads. How your landing page is designed also affects the attention your ads are getting.

A/B test different designs for your landing pages based on graphics, colors, images, and catchphrases. Stick with the landing page designs that are getting the most hits, which you can track using Google Analytics.

This is something you need to review on occasion – even though your landing page is delivering above average results, is that really the best results you think you can get?

5. Review your Customer Base

Another factor you need to look into if you want to boost your Facebook Ads ROAS is the demographic that the ads are targetted towards. Ask yourself, “Is this the best demographic for my service, or would another demographic be more interested?”

By updating your ads for different groups you’re able to benefit from Facebook’s AI as well as ad placement optimization. Different ads appeal to different age groups (this also applies to gender and location), so targeting a wide audience with the same set of ads won’t yield the best results possible.

Rather than sinking your budget into a single audience, diversify and try targeting each audience with ads that you’ve created to appeal specifically to them. Consider a Facebook lookalike audience if you feel like you’re too limited.

Not only will your ROAS be affected but your budget will be spent more effectively.

6. Go Mobile

The more devices your Facebook paid ads have been optimized for, the more people you can reach. For that reason, we recommend designing ads for mobile devices too.

Mobile Facebook Ads

If your ads aren’t getting the level of engagement you hoped for from computer users, ads on smartphones and tablets can make up for it. With so many people using their smartphones throughout the day it’s a big mistake to not target mobile alongside computers.

Improve ROAS with KonvertLab

You can boost your Facebook ads ROAS by taking advantage of the content you create. Compelling stories and attractive imagery will bring more eyes to your brand which can, of course, boost your ROAS.

We also recommend marketing to different people and designing your Facebook paid ads for a variety of devices. With the tips we’ve provided above you can quickly turn Facebook into a reliable source of ad revenue for your business.

Interested in more of KonvertLab’s digital marketing expertise? Check out some more of our online marketing guides. Better yet, get in touch with us and find out what exactly our team can do to make your digital marketing campaigns as profitable as ever!

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