The PPC Forecast: Top PPC Trends of 2019

Let’s face it: not everyone can hit the top of search engine results pages organically. Competition is fierce, but there’s a way to jump to the front of the line: pay-per-click ads.

Whether you’ve been investing in PPC ads for years or you’re just dipping your foot in the pool, you need to do some research. Search engines are always modifying their methods, and PPC trends change along with them. Here are the trends you need to know in 2019.

PPC Trends to Use in 2019

A great PPC ad needs to target the right users, speak to their needs, and entice them to click. You can make that happen by taking advantage of these trends.

Videos Galore

PPC ads aren’t limited to text anymore. Search engines are showing video results front and center, and that includes video PPC ads.

A great video is more engaging. Especially when it comes to how-tos or product demonstrations, videos often cut to the chase and give viewers the information they want faster.

Start by expanding your catalog of informative and original videos. Focus on the topics that relate to the audiences you plan to target in your PPC ads.

More Automation

Technology is advancing every day and search engines are on the forefront. Their primary innovations today are coming in the form of automation.

Search engines are using automation to better identify and target customers. For their part, PPC advertisers are using automation to analyze data and identify ways to improve their ads.

Audience Over Keywords

We mentioned above that search engines are getting better at using search data to categorize their users and target them with relevant ads. This has brought about another shift in PPC ads.

In earlier years, reaching the right users through PPC ads was all about perfecting your list of keywords. Today, the trend is moving toward targeting audiences rather than targeting keywords.

In other words, you’re using the search engine’s data to identify potential customers rather than looking only at the user’s search terms.

More Emphasis on Creativity

Now that PPC ads are well-known for their success rates, the secret is out. There’s more and more competition, which means you need to get creative in order to win.

Expect PPC ads to take a big step up in the coming years. Your ads need to be brand-forward but also eye-catching. They need to appeal to your audience’s pain points while enticing them to click through.

Now is the time to turn your creative ad team into your best friends.

Professional PPC Management

As search engines’ data analysis gets more and more advanced, the art of managing a PPC campaign is becoming more complex. There are more customization options and bidding techniques to master, not to mention new ways to remarket in PPC ads.

In this era, more companies are turning to professionals. Large enterprises may hire private PPC ad managers. For most companies, though, it’s more cost-effective to outsource their PPC management to a professional and experienced team.

Having a professional team take care of PPC for you has a vast number of benefits with very little downside. The hardest part is finding the right PPC agency for you.

Thinking Ahead to Get Ahead

The world of PPC advertising is competitive. You and your competitors are targeting the same users with the same message. The only way to stand out is to stay on top of the latest PPC trends and appeal to your audience.

If you prefer to leave the details to the pros, we can help. Contact our PPC management team to arrange a discovery call and we’ll get to work planning an effective campaign that’ll skyrocket your sales.

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