Top 3 Ways to Cut your Google Ads Conversion Costs

The easiest way to get sales and leads to your business is by paying Google to send that kind of traffic straight to your business.

The funny thing is if you don’t know what you’re doing or even some of the basics of campaign optimization, you’re going to end up wasting a ton of your money.

For that reason, we’ll be showing you the top 3 ways to save on your Google Ads costs and maximise your budget’s use.

#1 – Recreate Existing Ads

First is creating better versions of your competitor’s best performing ads. After all, why reinvent the wheel?

What if you could actually see the ads your competitors have been paying for time and time again, spending thousands of dollars on, and showing to the same audience you would be?

Thankfully this is possible with a tool called Spyfu. With this, you can see exactly what ads they spend most of their money on and recreate them for your business.

How it works is simple: you enter the competitor’s website and Spyfu returns their top-performing ads. The results show information like how long each ad has been running and it’s more than safe to assume that the best ROI is with the longest run ads.

It’s that simple and doing this is going to save you a lot of money which would have been spent A/B testing.

#2 – Create SKAGS

Number two is to create Single Keyword Ad Groups, otherwise known as SKAGS.

I’ve mentioned it before, I’m going to mention it again, and I’ll continue to do so until they stop being incredibly effective.

They work because your ads speak directly to what your audience is searching for, making them very relevant.

As a result, this will increase an ad’s click-through rate and decrease the CPC (cost per click). So, why is it that this is so useful?

Let’s say you search a term on Google and 3 ads appear. Ad #1 is something generic using a different type of keyword, Ad #2 is pretty irrelevant, and Ad #3 is using the exact keyword you searched. Which one are you going to click on?

Our instincts tell us to click the most relevant ad: the one using the exact same thing you searched for.

#3 – Design Hyper-Specific Landing Pages

Number three is the most powerful way of reducing Google Ads conversion costs, and it’s creating hyper-specific landing pages that match your ad groups and ad copies.

What you’re going to do here is keep the disconnect minimum from search keywords to seeing the ad, to landing on the pages. The goal is to keep that as relevant as possible all the way through.

Not only does this increase your click-through rate but it’s also going to increase your conversion rate too (which will reduce Google Ads costs). Since this ties in with conversion rate optimisation I’m going to give you an example of how it works.

I have a client and they’re in the security space, so they sell lots of different products. What we did is designed landing pages per product level and then keywords per product level.

For instance, if someone was to search security solution A then they’d see an ad that mentioned security solution A. They click that ad and they’re taken to a landing page discussing security solution A. None of the client’s other products or offerings are shown, just that one solution.

Stick to the one thing all the way through. When you do that, your costs will go down but your conversion rates and click-through rates will go up for the ad copy.


That about covers the top 3 ways to cut down on your Google Ads conversion costs. To recap,

  1. Find out what your top competitors ads are, pick the ones with the best ROI, and create better versions of them
  2. Create SKAGS so that searches are more relevant to your ads
  3. Design hyper-specific landing pages that minimise the disconnect from searches to landing pages

By cutting down your costs you can spend your budget more efficiently and invest more in the ads that are driving the most sales and leads to your business.

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