How to Best Use Linkedin Lead Gen Forms

If your business relies on targeting people in a certain job role, LinkedIn lead gen forms are a great way of getting really high quality leads at a good cost per conversion.

I know that the majority of people are afraid of using LinkedIn which is mostly because of costs being high. While I do agree with this, especially if we compare LinkedIn to Facebook and Google, LinkedIn’s lead generation forms are really good and have outperformed every other method I tried.

When it comes to getting job title specific roles and high quality leads for clients who need that job title role, a lead gen form on LinkedIn works wonders.

So, in this post I’ll be going over LinkedIn lead gen and how it will help your business.

What is a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form?

If your current lead generation strategy isn’t quite getting the results you hoped for, taking a new approach is certainly worthwhile. This could include LinkedIn lead gen forms.

At no extra cost, you can use these forms in your LinkedIn ad campaigns. Doing this will add a button to your ad which when clicked, will present a form. You can have your audience fill out the form and in return, they’ll receive a free eBook or some type of content.

What makes LinkedIn a great platform for lead gen is that there’s very little input required from the user. They engage with the form and LinkedIn will get most of the information for the form by scanning the user’s profile.

The reason this is so powerful is that users don’t see it as a burden. Typical lead gen forms require them to fill out a bunch of data. On LinkedIn, they don’t have to put that extra effort into it and you’re going to get a lot more leads out of it.

How LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Help

Let’s move on to the big question: how can LinkedIn lead gen forms actually benefit your business? I’ve had several clients who have seen a significant increase in leads from LinkedIn.

For example, I have this one client in the software space and they need to target HR managers in a specific industry. Lead gen forms have been crushing it for them – great results paired with a cheap cost per conversion.

In this case, the reason these forms are working so well is simple. It’s not targeting random people with the job title. Rather, the campaign has been created specifically for that job role name which increases the form’s relevance to these people.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for HR Manageres

The campaign then uses an ad copy which mentions that specific job role name. It then offers an eBook, whitepaper, or anything else that can talk directly to that specific job role.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Ad Copy

Doing this makes it so frictionless for your targeted audience to opt-in. Even better – LinkedIn’s way of opting into a LinkedIn lead gen form is as simple as clicking one button and it then prepopulates with all your LinkedIn data.

So, even though LinkedIn might be more expensive, it’s worth the investment. It makes lead generation forms super frictionless, it’s a great way to chop your costs, and it gets really high-quality leads.

That’s really all there is to it. I would definitely recommend using them, especially if your business relies on targeting people with a certain job title role.

Tips for Optimal LinkedIn Lead Ads

Before we wrap things up, you might still be at a loss. Maybe it’s still unclear why your LinkedIn lead ads aren’t performing well. If you find yourself in this position and want to increase the number of leads your campaign gets, consider these tips:

  1. Don’t ask too many questions. It’s simple – the more questions you ask, the less likely people will be to fill out the form. Don’t go over the top with your forms.
  2. Consider your offer. Is it worth the user engaging with your ad and submitting the form? Make it worthwhile.
  3. Use CRM Integration. Running an ad campaign can be hectic and there are lots of components to manage. Integrating a CRM removes the need to manually transfer your leads from LinkedIn to the CRM. There are a few technical benefits to this too.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms for Your Business

Now that you’re aware about this useful LinkedIn technique, you can ramp up your business’s lead generation efforts and improve your marketing strategy in general.

At KonvertLab, we’ve found LinkedIn lead gen forms to be incredible. It’s worked really well for us, for our clients, and we’re confident that your business can benefit from it too.

If you want more advice on lead generation or you’d like a professional PPC agency to help take your business to the next level, look no further. Book a Discovery Call with our team and we can discuss which direction to take the future of your business. We know the best strategies and can help you on all digital marketing fronts!

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