Facebook Dark Posts – What They Are & How to Use Them

facebook dark posts

Facebook is now a prime real estate for advertisers and the value of Facebook posts is growing by the day. It’s one of the best social media platforms for business and personal use alike.

93% of advertisers use Facebook Ads, and for a reason. 57% of consumers acknowledge that social media influences their buying decisions, with Facebook leading at 44%. This means whatever way you put it, customers are on Facebook.

One of the social media’s best-kept secrets is the dark post on Facebook.

What are Facebook dark posts? Is it a good way on how to advertise on Facebook? Let’s find out.

Understanding Dark Posts

Dark posts on Facebook are not as sinister as they seem to be. A dark post is a targeted ad that is set to not publish on your news feed. Instead, it only shows up for your targeted users as a sponsored ad.

These types of Facebook posts are there for a few reasons.

  1. First, they prevent your page’s stream from being full of nothing but ads. Inundating your page with advertisements is not how you get your branding across the social media platform. Doing this will discourage users from liking your page and interacting with your posts.

    These will allow you to segment your audience better, improving your ads targeting and segmentation practices.

  2. Second, these unpublished page posts are great for A/B testing your ads. For the uninitiated, A/B testing is a way for advertisers to test different versions of their ads and see which ones perform better. You can then see which ads perform the best based on how each performed during the A/B testing phase, and invest your budget more wisely.

    When it comes to running paid ads on Facebook, A/B testing with dark posts lets you experiment with many parts of the ad. From headlines, CTA buttons to body copy, each one will help you see which ads are performing the best.

  3. Third, you can create Facebook posts that are shown only to a specific audience. Regular posts appear on all followers’ feeds and if they start seeing a lot of posts that don’t appeal to them, they could un-like your page.

    Using a dark post allows you to show the post only to a specific demographic. The benefits of this are that you can see how that target audience interacts with the post without having to account for followers who the post doesn’t appeal to, and it doesn’t unnecessarily bother those same followers.

  4. And lastly, by using Facebook dark posts, you can separate your page’s ad posts from the organic posts. Having an active Facebook page is a valuable way to connect with your target audience. By keeping the page’s timeline ad-free you can make it appear more professional and less spammy.

    People don’t like too many ads on their feeds, so a dark post allows for a more diverse ad and content ratio for your brand.

Generally speaking, Facebook dark posts can benefit anyone who plans to run Facebook ads. As well as helping you attract more likes and maintain the existing ones, it minimizes the risk of losing likes.

How Do You Create Dark Posts?

To create dark posts on Facebook, start by heading over to your Facebook Ads Manager and following these steps:

  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top-left of your screen
  • Below “Create and Manage”, select the “Page posts” option
Creating a Facebook Dark Post 
  • Next, use the drop-down menu at the top-left to select the Facebook page you want to create a dark post for
  • Click on “Create Post” and on the window that appears, check “Only use this post for an ad.”
  • Finally, create the post as you normally would and you’re done!

After following these steps, you should end up with something like this:

Facebook Dark Post Example

You can switch between different types of posts and choose between a bunch of “Call to action” buttons – exactly like a regular Facebook post.

From here, you can also define all the elements that you need on how to advertise on Facebook. You can specify everything on these Facebook posts from the target audience, demographics, and your message. You can also define the specifics of your budget, like any FB ad.

Remember to stick to your advertising best practices, and you should be good to go.

Get More Out Of Your Facebook Dark Posts

Dark posts are a natural step up from your organic reach. Facebook advertising is diverse, and Facebook dark posts make this diversity broader.

Knowing how to do it without a hitch will help you bring your ad targeting to a whole new level.

If you’re finding ways to rethink your ads like dark posts on Facebook, why not do so with KonvertLab? Get in touch with the professionals and see how we can lend a hand.

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