Facebook Marketing vs Instagram Advertising

If you’re hoping to boost your company’s sales, digital marketing through social media platforms is a must. While Facebook now owns the platform, Instagram advertising is still incredibly different from Facebook Ads.

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms. You may be wondering which is best for your business, and how these two platforms differ in advertising. Keep reading for a guide that will help you succeed in your social media marketing journey.

Facebook Marketing or Instagram Advertising?

Consider Your Audience 

When figuring out which platform to invest in when it comes to advertising, pinpointing the audience you’re trying to reach is crucial to how successful this will be.

While many individuals have both an Instagram and a Facebook profile, the prevalence of users varies across demographics. For example, while Facebook has a larger general audience because it has been around the longest, it is mostly used by those that are 25 and older.

If you’re trying to capture the younger generations, you will find that they use Instagram much more frequently than Facebook.  

Evaluate and research your customers in order to find your audience. If you are not too sure what platforms your customers are using, consider conducting a survey of your existing followers and customers, asking them which social media sites they frequent and how often.

You could even ask customers what kind of marketing on these platforms influences them to make a purchase. Interest your customers in taking the survey by incentivizing them with a discount or a raffle entry for a gift card to your site.

Differing Ad Types 

Knowing what kind of ad appeals to your target audience is important, but so is identifying what ad type best highlights your product. When it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising, you have several different ad layouts to chose from.

Video advertising is one of the hottest marketing trends this year. It’s a great way to showcase your product in action and is more eye-catching than a stagnant image.

If you’re interested in video advertising, Facebook can be a great platform for you. These ad videos are short and to the point, averaging at about 15 seconds. The video includes subtitles so that a viewer can get the effects of your advertisement whether their devices sound is on or off. 

Facebook also offers other ads for images, such as carousel and slideshow ads, allowing you to create motion with your promotional images. 

Instagram offers these ad types as well as story ads. This allows the Instagram user to see your advertisement full screen, whether it’s a video or image.

On story ads, you can embed a call to action feature that can allow the user to swipe up on their screen and be sent exactly to whatever product you’re advertising to them. This allows for ultra-easy purchasing. 

Facebook vs. Instagram Advertising: Find the Best Platform for You

Whether you’re trying to decide between Facebook or Instagram advertising, or you’re planning to use them both, knowing the similarities and differences between these platforms marketing styles is a great way to run advertisements that pay off.

If you’re looking for professional help with your digital marketing, head to our site to set up a free consultation with our specialist today! We work with both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, so whichever you decide on we can help your business start growing.

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