Google PPC vs Facebook Ads – Which is Better?

The age old question: Google PPC or Facebook Ads, which ones is better? More importantly, which platform do you want to start your efforts on?

Small businesses are always looking for answers to this question, and rightfully so. When you’re working with a smaller budget you’ll want to ensure you don’t spend it wastefully. Choosing the wrong platform is the biggest contributor to wasteful spending, so this post is going to help you decide between running Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

About Facebook Ads

About Facebook Ads

Starting with Facebook Ads, when we create ads we like to think of it as a cold call. Users are scrolling through their Facebook feed and out of nowhere they’re getting a sales pitch. They don’t want to be interrupted and they’re not looking to be sold anything.

That said, if the offer is interesting enough, entices them, and is delivered in the right way, you can win them over. This is a great mindset to have when you’re building a Facebook Ads campaign that involves getting cold traffic.

When you make a Facebook ad, remember the type of people you’re targeting. They’re not sitting around waiting for someone to pitch a sale, they’re scrolling on Facebook to distract themselves and are seeking engagement. You need to snap them out of this and give them an offer so good that they click on it.

About Google PPC Ads

About Google PPC Ads

On the other hand, Google Ads is like someone walking into a store to buy a specific product. They already know what they’re looking for. If they want to buy Nike shoes, they can find plenty of sellers with one search. They’ll also see product images, prices and reviews for every listing.

Text-based ads aren’t as popular since it’s much easier to sell someone if they can actually see it, but that’s not to say they’re completely useless.

Google Search Ads

About Google Search Ads

Search ads are extremely useful when you’re offering a solution rather than a product. If your audience is searching for a solution like automation software for web apps, then search ads are the way to go. There’s so much demand and as you can see, marketers recognize this demand.

With Google PPC Ads it’s much easier to get people to convert because the intent is there. Whereas with Facebook Ads there is much less intent. In other words: Facebook users aren’t looking to be sold to, Google users are.

When Should You Use Google PPC Ads?

When to Use Google Ads

Some people like to put Google Ads and Facebook Ads against each other but the fact is, they’re both useful and it depends on the situation. So, when should you use Google PPC Ads?

Consider the intent. If your AC unit broke would you head to Facebook to find a repairman? Probably not. The more reasonable method would be to go to Google and look for a repairman near you. You’ll get a lot of results – some paid, some organic – and there’ll be a broad choice.

This is what Google is designed to do. They are giving users the right information to help them solve whatever problem they have. Google satisfies users’ demand for information.

When Should You Use Facebook Ads?

When to Use Facebook Ads

So maybe people aren’t searching for your product on Google because they don’t know about it. They don’t know your solution exists or perhaps it has low search volume. Or maybe you have a product/service that is one of those things that you have to show them before they consider buying it.

This would be a great time to use Facebook Ads. Facebook is about demand creation/formation and you can use interest-based targeting along with other Facebook Retargeting options to get your product in front of the right person. With a buyer persona you can figure out exactly who the best person you should be trying to sell to is.

A great place to start is by running Facebook Retargeting Ads. You can retarget your existing users/customers and if you already have their emails or they’ve visited your website, you know there’s some interest there. Retargeting allows you to push them through your funnel gradually, increasing your authority and familiarizing them with your brand along the way, rather than trying to get a quick sale right off the bat.

The users you’ll be retargeting on Facebook also tend to be very low-friction users so they’re much more likely to opt-in or convert than a cold audience would.

Deciding Between the Two Platforms

Deciding Between Google PPC and Facebook Ads

If you’re stuck trying to decide between Google PPC and Facebook Ads then the decision won’t be easy. Using the last 2 sections you can make an educated decision. However, in a lot of cases, both of these platforms actually work great together.

For instance, you could be running an expensive CPC campaign on Google Ads but then use that data to retarget the same users on Facebook. Or you could be getting people in the door with Facebook Ads using cold traffic, then retarget them with Google Display Ads.

Obviously you need to start somewhere though, and jumping on both platforms at the same time would be a huge risk. Here are some bullet points to help you make this decision:

Consider using Google Ads if:

  • There is search volume for your product/service
  • People are aware that your solution exists on the market
  • You’re promoting something that people are actively looking for

Consider using Google Ads if:

  • You want to retarget your existing visitors
  • You’re trying to drive awareness about your solution to get people in your funnel
  • The product/service can grab people’s attention

FREE Cheatsheats for Google PPC and Facebook Ads

After you decide between Google PPC and Facebook Ads your next problem might be a lack of inspiration. Creating attractive ads can be challenging but with our cheatsheets your life will be easier. We’ve put together collections of the best ads we’ve seen on Google and Facebook and you can download them both for free below!

Free Google Ads Cheatsheet

Free Facebook Ads Cheatsheet

Hiring an Agency for Google PPC

The choice between running Google PPC Ads and Facebook Ads is a tough one. Most of the businesses who ask this question are just starting to market their business online and don’t want to make an expensive mistake. This is completely understandable, so knowing the right place to start specifically for your business is important.

You might not be confident making this decision though, and that would also be understandable. With a Google Ads Agency and Facebook Ads Agency like KonvertLab, you don’t have to chance it. Let us do the research for you, figure out which platform is most suitable, and run a profitable campaign. All you need to book a call and we can get started!

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