4 Google AdWords Tricks & Strategies

One of the things we constantly get asked by clients is what the latest Google AdWords tricks are, and how can they use them to boost campaign performance.

It’s a fair question – after all, we all want our ads to run as close to perfect as possible. While every campaign is different, we’ve found that the 4 tricks we’re about to show you work great in almost any industry. So, let’s jump right in.

Top 4 Google AdWords Tricks

1. Bidding on Your Competitor's Name

We got a lot of people asking, “Wait, are you actually allowed to do that? Isn’t that against the rules?”. It sounds like something that should be against the rules, but this is completely allowed and it can work really well. There is nothing stopping you from bidding on a competitor’s name.

Think about it. If someone is searching a regular keyword on Google, they could be researching solutions or considering their options. If they’re searching for a particular brand, they’re much closer to the buying stage and there’s a good chance that they’re ready to buy right now.

The one exception is if the competitor’s name contains a trademarked term. In that case, it might be worth giving this Google AdWords trick a miss.

2. Creating SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups)

This is something we mention a lot and for a good reason – they work. SKAGs are ad groups that, as you might’ve guessed, contain just one keyword. When you’re writing the ad for it, you should also include that keyword.

Why do this? Relevancy. Let’s say you’re running ads to sell dinosaur socks, and you target the keyword dinosaur socks. When someone searches that term and they see your ad, they’ll notice that the ad copy includes what they searches. This makes them more likely to click on your ad and can be a very effective strategy.

3. Use Single Keyword Landing Pages

The next of our Google AdWords tricks is similar to SKAGs, and it’s using single keyword landing pages. Basically, you’ll be doing the same thing but all the way to the landing page level.

So, not only does your ad and the ad copy focus on a single keyword, but you continue focusing on that keyword and reiterate the ad copy in the form of a landing page.

This keeps the entire funnel relevant so that customers remain interested the whole time, and they’re more more likely to convert this way.

4. Geotargeting Your Ad Copy

When someone sees an ad, they’re more likely to engage if their state or city is mentioned in the copy. That’s why we’d recommend geotargeting your ad copy on the state/city/town level to really connect with your audience.

If you run campaigns in the USA, create 50 ad groups – one for each state. The ad copy for each ad group should mention the state or if you go deeper, mention the city. Doing this will increase engagement and conversions.

Google AdWords Tricks Help a Lot

Even if you take on board just one of these AdWords tricks, you’ll start to see a difference in your campaign’s performance. It might come in the form of more clicks, but the chances are you’ll see more conversions.

Maybe you try these AdWords tips and don’t get anywhere, or you’re struggling to maintain steady results. No problem – we’re here to help. KonvertLab is a Facebook Ads and Google Ads agency who can push your campaigns beyond their limits and increase your sales.

All you have to do is book a call with us and we’ll explain what exactly we can do to drive more sales your way.


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