Top 7 Facebook Ads Tools of 2021

Anyone running a campaign on Facebook should be fully utilizing Facebook Ads Tools. Facebook, often thought of only as a social media website, offers tremendous opportunities for businesses to target and tailor their advertisements to reach new customers.

Advertising on Facebook allows businesses to customize where, when, and to whom their advertisements are shown to. There really aren’t many reasons to not use this platform when it comes to online marketing. With all the analytics that Facebook Ads offers, you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t hop onboard.

Using tools with Facebook Ads brings plenty of benefits and we’ll be listing some of those benefits, as well as showing you the top 7 Facebook Ads tools.

Why Use Facebook Ads Tools?

In the most basic sense, Facebook tools give you more effective management over your ads. There are different types of tools at your disposal too. From basic ad copy proofreaders to post automation, it’s not hard to find tools that make your life easier.

Small businesses in particular get a huge advantage when using Facebook Ads. As well as having access to a massive collection of user data, they also get the infrastructure and commercial connections.

When it comes to Facebook Ads tools, you can manage your campaigns more efficiently by saving time and being able to focus your attention on the more pressing areas of your business. Automating more of your digital advertising will also minimize the risk of human error occurring. All it takes is one misclick and you could waste a chunk of your budget – automation stops this.

Our main point: you should use Facebook Ads spy tools because they will do nothing but benefit you.

Top 7 Facebook Ads Tools

1. Grammarly

Check out Grammarly!
Grammarly Facebook Ads Tool

Starting our list is Grammarly, the most popular Facebook Ads tool, and for good reason. The tool serves as a proofreader and checks your ad copy for grammar and spelling mistakes. Sounds basic enough, but spelling mistakes in your ads are bad news.

Posting an ad that contains obvious grammatical errors is a surefire way to tarnish your business’s professional image. Grammarly helps to prevent this from happening. You can approve each change that Grammarly suggests, and it can be installed as a Chrome extension or on Microsoft Word. The best part: it’s free and although there are subscriptions, they aren’t necessary at all.

Grammarly, like other Facebook tools, gives small businesses and entrepreneurs access to similar resources as big businesses. While corporations will have a team of copywriters ensuring all their content is perfect, small businesses don’t. Grammarly catches all your errors, corrects them, and helps you maintain a professional front.

2. Hootsuite

Check out Hootsuite!
Hootsuite for Facebook Ads

Hootsuite is another hugely popular tool. If you’re running ads on multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – then this is exactly what you need. All you have to do is link your accounts to Hootsuite and you can manage them all from one place. No more jumping between tabs or having to sign out every time you access another account.

A recent addition is Hootsuite Ads. This tool allows users to create Facebook ads from within Hootsuite, further centralizing your operations in a single platform. To do this, the tool analyzes your existing Facebook page posts and finds which ones get the most engagement. It then assists you in creating similar ads, making it a great tool for beginners.

The top benefits of using Hootsuite Ads are being able to manage your ads, view analytics, and set up new campaigns on a single dashboard. Again, this is a free Facebook Ads tool and it works great with other social media platforms.

3. TryMetric

Check out TryMetric!
TryMetric Facebook Ads Automation Tool

TryMetric is our next tool, and it takes things to the next level (especially for agencies). Filling in a gap that Facebook Ads is lacking, TryMetric enables businesses to receive alerts about ads, their campaigns’ performance, automate ad campaigns, and track and manage budget projections.

TryMetric generates reports data taken directly from Facebook, so accuracy is guaranteed. It gets even better: you can fully integrate this tool with your agency’s Slack channels. In other words, these reports will be automatically sent through Slack, alerting your team of the campaign’s status.

This functionality makes it easier for businesses to receive important notifications and updates about their campaigns. So, if anything goes wrong, you’ll find out pretty quickly.

Another key TryMetric function is its ability to suspend campaigns if they are outside of thresholds you define. If your CPC suddenly surges, you can have the campaign paused until you investigate. This gives you peace of mind and lets you spend less time monitoring your campaign out of fear that something will go wrong.

The alert system also has alert thresholds. Once again your costs might surge, but if it only jumps 10% you might not be too worried and want the campaign to continue. In this case, you can have TryMetric send you an alert when you go over a certain bid so that you can then monitor it closely.

With online marketing being so fast-paced and ever-changing, you need a tool like TryMetric which reduces your stress.

4. Canva

Check out Canva!

Canva Image Creator for Facebook Ads

A different type of Facebook Ads tool is Canva. You can use this online tool to create promotional graphics and videos. It makes graphic design and video editing easy and accessible to the average Joe. If graphic design isn’t your forte, Canva can help out a lot.

The most notable feature is the selection of templates that are at your disposal. After spending a few minutes customizing your chosen template, you can create a unique and professional Facebook Ad creative.

Much like Grammarly, Canva empowers small businesses to compete with their big competitors. They provide a low cost alternative to hiring a professional graphic designer while still being able to produce high-quality images. Most of Canva’s features are targeted towards social media marketing so no matter the platform, this tool will help.

5. AdRoll

Check out AdRoll!
AdRoll Facebook Ads Tool

Next up we have AdRoll. This tool is based around Facebook retargeting ads and makes this technique simple for any level of marketer.

Using AdRoll, you get a second chance at making an impression on lost customers. Let’s say your first Facebook ad got 2,500 clicks and 100 sales (a 4% converison rate). You might be fine with this, but we can do better. Retargeting allows you to show another Facebook ad to those 2,400 who didn’t convert. You might think this is a waste of money, but those people are already familiar with your brand and were interested enough to click on your ad the first time, so they’re more likely to convert than a new audience would be.

AdRoll streamlines this process and guides you through it. If you want to find out more about Facebook retargeting then check out our video below.

6. Unbounce

Check out Unbounce!

Unbounce Landing Page Design Tool

Even if you’re just starting off on Facebook Ads, you’ve probably heard about landing pages. A landing page is simply the page users “land on” when they click on your ad. Unbounce is a Facebook Ads tool which, like AdRoll, streamlines this part of your campaign.

Landing pages can be difficult and how you approach the design will depend on your goal. Are you trying to get sales, newsletter subscriptions, or free trial sign-ups?

With Unbounce’s drag-and-drop design platform, you can easily create a landing page fit for your goal. Naturally, there are plenty of templates to choose from, so don’t worry if you aren’t particularly creative (or if you’re struggling to come up with an idea).

The upside of using the Unbounce Facebook tool (rather than just adding a page on your website) is the analytics. You also get to see how your landing pages perform so that you can AB test or make adjustments to the design.

7. Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library

Finally we have a hidden gold mine that too many people are unaware of. Facebook Ads Library is a database of all the Facebook ads being run by other businesses. In a sense, this is a Facebook Ads spy tool since you can see what your competitors are up to.

This is a great tool if you’re looking for some inspiration. Some people struggle with ad copy, others with creatives, and others just don’t know where to target. Facebook Ads Library provides all of this data about all the ads your competitors are running, so take advantage of it! 


One thing all of these Facebook Ads tools have in common is that they make it easier to run your campaigns independently. For small businesses this is hugely important – they just can’t afford to hire an agency. Using these tools provides those businesses with a better chance at succeeding.

Eventually though, Facebook tools won’t be enough. For small businesses they’re great, but as you grow you’ll need the help of professional online marketers. This is where KonvertLab comes into play. We’ve got years of experience running Facebook Ads; we know what works and in what industries. Go ahead and book a call with us by clicking the button below – let’s grow your business together.

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