Getting the Most Out of Your Ecommerce Ads

Want to spend less on your Facebook or Google Ads without decreasing your exposure? You need to optimize your E-commerce advertisement strategy to spend your money better.

Even if you want to spend more on E-commerce ads, you’ll want to optimize your campaigns before you make this change.

We’ve got a few tricks that’ll help you get the most out of your E-commerce ads. These are small tweaks, so you’re not going to have to rethink your entire marketing platform. Ready to start? Read more below.

Use Good Pictures

Adobe Stock is expensive, we know that. Look at the picture we’ve chosen above – it’s from Adobe.

But paying for quality pictures matters when it comes to ad performance. The more colors there are, the more people will notice your ads.

And what’s in the photos matters too. For example, if the photo has a picture of a woman, it’ll perform slightly better than a picture of a man.

What about colors? We’re glad you asked. You want to avoid colors that will blend into the Facebook (or whatever platform you’re using) landscape. That means stay away from a large amount of both blue and white.

Then, think about what emotions you want your ad to portray. If it’s a sale, think reds and bright colors, which drive immediate action.

If you’re trying to be earth-friendly, use green tones. These are things that really matter to consumers – whether they know it (subconsciously) or not.

Put People in Your Ads

We touched on this before, but we want to go into more detail. Pictures of happy people and pictures of women do better in ad tests, but your photo has to be relevant to the ad – and not too cheesy.

For example, no woman eats a salad while longingly gazing down into it – which is a stock photo you can find with a quick google search.

Furthermore, it matters where the people in your ads are looking/facing. If the model is looking at the image’s ad text, the viewers will look there too. It’s human nature.

Imagine you round a street corner and everyone you see is looking up. You’re not going to look into the faces of the people, you’re going to look up, at what’s going on.

That’s the psychology behind it. There are even heat maps that prove this theory.

Source: Business Insider, “Eye-Tracking Heatmaps”

So many advertisers choose images of models that look out towards the viewer, which will make them look at the model, not at your text.

If at all possible, use actual photos of yourself or your company. You want to create an emotional connection with your buyers – and faces do that.

Write Copy that Evokes Emotion

Finally, don’t use your precious ad copy space to talk about the product or the value of your product. You want to use that space to talk about the results or the solution your product creates.

Use emotional buzzwords and address a pain point of your target customer. That’s the key to ad copy success. Just like SEO, when you’re writing your ads, content is key!

E-Commerce Advertisements

In the end, your E-commerce advertisements are only going to do as well as you allow them to.

If you take the time to create them with quality images and well thought out copy, they’ll perform. On the other hand, if you throw something together in just a few minutes, chances are you’ll waste valuable time and money.

Always use A/B testing and try out our tips against your current ads. We bet you’ll love the results.

Employing our tips and still not seeing a boost? Make sure you’re not making these fatal AdWords mistakes or instead, get in touch with us and find out how we can help you.

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