How to Get More Email Subscribers

Hey business owners! Today I’m going to talk about 4 ways that you can increase the number of people joining your email list.

Before we jump into the tips, though, I want to talk about why it is important to be building your email list every day.

What You Need to Know About Email Marketing

Having someone who might be interested in your services give you their email is now more valuable than ever.

In comparison to a physical mail list, email lists filled with potential prospects have a much higher rate of conversion and adding a customization aspect is significantly easier.

But before you start converting those prospects, your email list must have these three things:

  • High-Quality. Having a long list of email addresses is one thing, but if half of those email addresses are for people who have no interest in your product or service, they’re useless. A high-quality list of emails that has the potential to make you a sale is crucial.
  • Relevant Prospects. As well as having a high-quality list, that list has to be populated with prospects who may actually engage with your emails.
  • Quantity. Finally, after you have a list that is in line with both of those standards, your next step is to focus on getting as big a list as possible.

With an email list that meets these three things, you’re well on your way to raking in more potential customers.

Tactic #1 – Offer a Discount On Your Services

If you were in the low ticket industry, offering a discount on your products – or even a free product – is a great way to get your customers to visit your website with an ad or opt-in to the email so that you can target them later.

If you’re hoping that people will care to opt-in to your newsletter without you offering anything additional to that, you’re going to be sadly mistaken these days. People want something in return.

discount products for email marketing

From AB tests that we’ve run where we had email forms offering nothing other than updates and tips, compared to opt-in forms that offered things such as a free download of some digital content, we often saw rates jump by at least 5x.

This percentage increase varies depending on the industry. But overall giving something valuable to the consumer in exchange for them giving you their email, produces significantly more opt ins.

Tactic #2 – Host an Old-Fashioned Giveaway

When you see those ads on Facebook giving away free things, (usually electronics), take a second to look at that next time. You’re going to find they want something in return and usually, it’s your email address, a share, or a page like.

Now let’s take it a step further. Rather than giving away a free iPhone or something meaningless like that, give away something that your ideal customers would want.

You might need to get a little creative with this one.

If you’re in the automotive industry, give away a new set of tires. If you’re in the home remodeling space, give away a brand-new
bathroom remodel.

If you are in the restaurant industry (which is a little easier because who doesn’t like to eat), offer a free dinner to one lucky winner.

Depending on if you do your marketing right, this can generate hundreds if not thousands of people that would be interested in your product or service. You can quickly see how that would easily cover the cost of the prize to the winner.

Tactic #3 – Include a Downloadable PDF of Whatever Topic You’re Blogging About

This one works very well too, especially if you’re in the high ticket industry.

Let’s say you do plumbing and HVAC.

A great example of this would be a 15 point checklist of things you can do as a homeowner to prevent damage to your plumbing and HVAC system.

Some of you might be thinking right now, “But why would I tell my potential customers how not to need me?”. It’s simple.

Guess who’s going to be at the top of their mind when something does go wrong with their plumbing or HVAC?

Joe Schmo’s Plumbing on Yelp?

Or you, the person who gave them a free resource without asking for anything but an email, and have been periodically providing free preventative care value to them via email?

The goal is to make yourself be the person they think about when they might need your services.


Getting more email subscribers has got increasingly difficult over the years, and there’s no sign of it getting any easier either.

For that reason alone, if you want to run a successful email marketing campaign then each of these points are as important as the last.

Have a blog for your business? Expand your posts into a PDF file and offer it to readers in return for their email. Willing to part with a few of your products? Host a giveaway.

Get creative with your email marketing so that you can build your email list, reach more relevant prospects, and build your business.

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