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KonvertLab is a fully remote, demand generation agency with a focus on restrictions freedom.

Want to help companies make more money with ads? Join our remote team, we’re are hiring.

🎬 Meet the Owners

We’re just an agency founded by two people who loved to travel & hated working at boring agencies. So we did everything we could to be the best.

Lewis Mudrich

Chief "Idea" Guy
Lewis claims that he "started" his digital marketing career when he was 14. He's so proud of this fact that it inadvertently still found its way onto his bio. Does selling Yu-Gi-Oh cards to your friends count as marketing? You be the judge.

When Lewis isn't on the beach taking a photo with a surfboard that he's not going to use, he's applying his creativity on figuring out ways to make life easier for every member of our team and applying his 93 years of experience making sure each client gets our best work.

Timothy Kim

Chief "Whip Cracker"
Tim is a man of character; You can often find him trash talking his friends in Super Smash Bros. to the brink of psychological torture.

When he's not going on one of his infamous, "Here's-Why-I'm-Right" rants, he's usually stuffing photos of his cats in your face while you're trying to eat dinner. Without Tim, we'd be totally lost on marketing strategy & helping our clients make way more money.

We're Remote Together

💸 Company Perks

Annual Company Retreat
Super Flexible Vacation Policy
New Computer / Devices Stipend
Work from Anywhere Remotely
Learning Budget
Competitive Salary

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We don’t work with jerk clients

For us it’s not just about money. It’s also about creating good relationships between our team and the clients we serve.

That’s why we do not work with clients that cross the line of respect no matter how much they pay us.

Our Clients ❤️ Us Too!

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In charge of generating relevant traffic for our clients using Google, Facebook, and/or Linkedin Ads.

In charge of project management, strategy, client communication, & overseeing the marketing strategist.

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