Facebook Ad Creatives: 3 Strategic Ways to Use in Ads

With the ongoing pandemic continuing to wreak havoc, online marketers have seen fluctuation among their CPMs, conversion rates, and entire campaigns have been derailed.

One silver lining is that we’re actually seeing cheaper CPMs overall and higher ROAS than we usually do. Our advice: use this situation to your advantage and hyper-experiment with your Facebook Ad creatives. To help you do this, here are the top strategies we recommend onboarding.

Top Facebook Ad Creatives Strategies

#1 - Appeal to Your Audience's Emotions

Something we see working really well is appealing to the audience’s emotions. Obviously, the number one thing on everyone’s minds currently is the pandemic. If they’re going to buy a product or service, it has to be something they actually need or which will benefit their lives. This is true more than ever – this pandemic has brought a lot of financial uncertainty so you need to be offering something that is genuinely worthwhile.

Because of how conservative people are with their money at the moment, we’ve seen CPMs dropping. Back to appealing to the audience’s emotions: a great example of this is GoPro (as you can see below).

Appeal to Your Audiences Emotions

In their ad copy, instead of saying, “Hey, isn’t this a crazy time! By the way, remember to buy a GoPro!”, they’re doing this indirectly. They do this by showing a dad playing with his son in a laundry basket.

Now, this seems really basic, but it’s actually really smart. GoPro usually have Facebook Ad creatives that showcase snowboarding and skydiving, but this appeals to people on an emotional level. On top of that they’re conveying a silent message of, “Hey, we know most people use our products for extreme sports and such, but they can also be used at home during this pandemic.”

Try to think of how you can apply this same thinking to your product or service. If there isn’t a direct use case (GoPro is a camera brand so they have a lot of directions to take it), acknowledge it on a human level in the ad copy and find a way to resonate with your audience.

Right now the pandemic is the elephant in the room. If you subtly acknowledge what’s going on while also showing that your business is still relevant, you can connect with your audience effectively.

#2 - Before and After Visuals

Our next Facebook Ad creatives strategy is using before and after visuals. Firstly, you should be testing now more than ever. This is the perfect time to be testing and figuring out the best versions of your ads because CPMs are low. On top of that, again because of the low costs, you should be figuring out which campaigns are the most scalable.

So, back on topic, before and after visuals work really well. We’re not necessarily talking about things like weight loss before and after shots (if you’re in this space then you’ll need to check Facebook’s policies because they’re strict on this topic).

Before and After Visuals

What we’re talking about are ads like Monday.com. One of their ads shows a girl talking about how her company used to manage all of their tasks and spreadsheets themselves, then transitions to showing atrociously messy spreadsheets. She then shows the result of using Monday.com: a seamless and cleanly organized UI that is 10x better than what the girl was using before.

You should focus on doing the same with your Facebook Ad creatives. If you’re telling your audience that you can improve their lives you have to prove it. Facebook video ads are great for this, especially if you’re in the SaaS space.

#3 - Include the Value Proposition in the Ad Image

Our third strategy is an important one and some people will disagree. Make sure that your value proposition (whatever your offer is, e.g. a newsletter sign-up or special discount) is in the Facebook Ad creative. Check out how Google does a good job of this:

Include the Value Proposition in the Ad Image

You could look at this ad, dismiss the ad copy, only look at the image, and know exactly what’s on offer. A sizeable group of your audience are only going to see the image and nothing else. So, if you have a basic stock image, there’s virtually no chance they engage with your ad.

The best way to catch their attention is by having the value proposition in your creative. They’ll see this and if they’re enticed, they’ll read into the value more. Doing this is a great way to quickly tell your audience what you do and snap them out of endlessly scrolling.

We're Experts at Facebook Ad Creatives

If you make Facebook Ad creatives the right way then they can be a powerful driver for successful results. You could completely turn a failing campaign around and make it profitable. It sounds like a dream but trust us, this is a challenge we’ve succeeded in for many clients.

There’s no reason we can’t do the same for your business. At KonvertLab, we do a lot of work with Facebook Ads (including designing creatives). We know what strategies work and in which industries. All you have to do is book a call with our team below and we’ll take it from there.

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