Burwood Case Study

Reducing Cost Per Lead by 90% & Increasing Lead Quality for Enterprise 



Burwood is a 250+ enterprise level company that has been in business since 1997. Naturally being an innovative tech consulting firm, Burwood came to us with a single purpose. Predictably and scalably bring in qualified leads through online advertising.

Being a B2B client it looking for high-ticket sales in the IT world, their challenges weren’t only reaching their target audience but also finding them consistently at a reasonable cost per lead.


We worked with Burwood to first narrow down and develop the persona and then clearly defined who a qualified lead was.

We tested our assumptions and developed pathways to target our demographic. They came to us because they tried running Adwords campaigns internally but were losing money on their cost-per-lead campaigns.

Here’s how we reduced their lead cost
by 90% and increased their lead quality.

Google Strategy

Improved Keywords & Targeting:
When initially coming on board, we realized that there were a few problems with the match types & the keywords being used on the campaign to drive leads.

Changed Match Types:
We changed almost all of the broad match keywords to broad match modified keywords due to very low quality search terms related to the broad match terms.

Removed Non-Converters:
There were a lot of keywords we were spending money on that had 0 conversions historically. These were clear to cut out of the campaigns.

We also optimized a lot of other metrics such as ad scheduling, demographics, created retargeting campaigns, & completely re-structured the entire ad account essentially.

Landing Pages

The offering the client had was actually pretty great. It was well researched & written however the method of delivery definitely needed some work.

So we completely scrapped the old landing pages & created new ones using Unbounce.

Here is an example of one of the many variations we tested to quickly find out which this audience preferred the most (measured by conversion rates mostly)

Google Ads Results

Within the first 90 days we were able to drop their avg cost per lead by 80%

This relationship was a huge success early on but we were still not happy with the quality of leads coming in through Google Search.

(81.95% Reduction)

Even with our success we felt the lead quality could be improved via different advertising platforms.

LinkedIn Results

Things like what verbiage in ad copy to use, job title roles for better targeting based on our highest quality leads from Google Ads, etc.

We translated a lot of our success from our Google Ads campaigns to the LinkedIn where we could.

We were confident we could not only decrease our cost-per-conversion further but drastically increase our lead quality.

 We used a LOT of our learnings from the Google Ads portion of our campaigns to fine tune our LinkedIn Ads efforts.
To this day, LinkedIn is still out-performing our Google Ads when you look at cost per lead (CPL) & overall lead quality for the client. 




Low Lead Volume
Low Lead Quality




Higher Lead Volume
81% Reduction in CPL




Higher Quality Leads
91% Reduction in CPL
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