Finding the Best: How to Choose a PPC Agency

Choosing the Best PPC Agency

When you’re looking to hire a PPC agency, how do you choose the right one for you?

Below are 5 questions to ask that will help you choose the PPC management company that will best meet your goals. Ask these 6 questions to choose the winningest PPC agency for your business.

1. Why Do You Need Them?

That is to say, what all do you need a PPC agency to do for you? How much of your PPC marketing campaign do you need them to handle? Do you need them to do it all or can you do a lot of it yourself?

Have you even checked how much of the campaign can be allocated to your existing internal resources? Upon checking, you may find that you don’t actually need a PPC agency after all.

Why do you need an agency for PPC?

Are there specific goals you’re hoping to achieve by calling in the experts? Write these down.

Basically, you need to make a list of all the things you hope a PPC agency will do for you. Narrow the list by seeing what you can handle yourself. Then you’ll know exactly what services you’ll be asking for. 

After you’ve listed what you can take care of yourself and with your existing resources, you can pinpoint the specific areas where an agency’s help is needed.

2. How Long Have They Been Around?

Beware of PPC agencies that haven’t been around long. They may be up on current PPC trends. But they won’t have the invaluable skills that only come from years of PPC marketing experience.

They also won’t have much of a successful track record. They may have been top-notch in the last few months. But how will they do when digital marketing trends change suddenly and radically?

Without a long list of references from years of satisfied customers, there isn’t much evidence that your investment in them will pay off. It’s a gamble.

Instead, focus on agencies who have been around for a long time. These are the ones who have a track record for success, case studies, plenty of references to vouch for them, and a team who can work around your PPC needs.

3. How Good Are They?

Speaking of track records, how is their track record? Can they give you references?

If not then watch out. Agencies who are wary to provide references are usually trying to hide their past failures, or simply aren’t proud of their work.

Only hire a company with an excellent portfolio of success stories and references that still rave about how great they are. You can also see how their company is rated on online review sites like Google My Business and the Better Business Bureau.

Better yet, do they have Google Premier Partner status? Being a Google Premier Partner is a badge of honor that proves even Google recognizes their mad PPC management skills.

4. Are They Experienced in Your Field?

That said, all their experience won’t do you much good if they’ve never worked with your type of business before. What experience do they have related to your niche?

While collecting references and checking portfolios, make sure they give several examples of success in your particular field. Confirm they’ve been successful providing the results you’re hoping for with businesses similar to yours.

5. Will They Take Everything If They Leave?

Be careful what you agree to. Make sure you maintain ownership of any work they do for you. Typically they will have you sign a contract that includes the work you want them to do and which details the ins and outs of your agreement – read this carefully.

Some PPC agencies keep the rights to the work they participate in. Then, when they part ways, they take it all back. You’ll lose any landing pages, accounts, or other assets you’ve waived over to them.

Only hire an agency that agrees to give you full rights and control over the work you purchase from them. Any reputable or trustworthy agency won’t argue with this sort of request so if you approach an agency who aren’t willing to agree to this, take a step back.

Find the Right PPC Agency

Your best chance at a successful ROI is choosing the right PPC agency. Use these six questions to narrow your options and bet on the right horse.

PPC campaigns require a nice chunk of money to get going, and this doesn’t include agency fees. Finding the right agency to work with can be difficult but it’s definitely worth taking the time to find the best agency for you.

If you think that KonvertLab are the agency you need to boost your sales, improve your conversion rate, or turn around a failing campaign, book a discovery call today and we can brainstorm the next steps.

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